• Wilson, OK- 4/13/14

    By: Jason Hammer - CSN The Colorado Storm Network starts the season off with a beautiful shelf cloud that was tornado warned west of Wilson, OK!

    The Colorado Storm Network is ready for the new season to start in the next few weeks and will include new equipment including a R.M. Young Mesonet on M-1 that will be capable to stream the weather conditions into the video stream via ChaserTV during chases! Other things to look for from the team is the many new cameras including GoPro's and Hand Held cameras that will provide better quality video and photographs from the team.

    More frequent posts should start April 1st here on the website as the season gets closer!

    ~Jason Hammer - CSN

  • 2014 Relay for Life

    The Colorado Storm Network is gearing up for the Relay for Life event on July 11 and 12th and you can help make a difference by joining The Storm Troopers in the fight against cancer!!

    You can participate with the Storm Troopers by walking during the event or by making a donation to help our team reach our goal of $2,000! For more information on how to get involved please visit our RELAY FOR LIFE PAGE.

    The Colorado Storm Network will also have a weather booth at this event where we will have a couple of our chase cars on display and also will be giving out a few NOAA Weather Radios during the event!


    As the 2014 Storm Season approaches here in a few weeks we are looking for new members to join our team! The job as a team member is to work together reporting conditions to the National Weather Service and also helping community's in need by volunteering time for clean up or needed services to help.

    If you are interested in joining Team CSN then please click HERE where all of our requirements are listed!

    ~ Team CSN

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