John Braddock has been a weather enthusiast as long as he can remember. His earliest memories are of his Weather Channel Storm Chaser videos and a briefcase he carried around with maps and cloud charts. John would later attend Colorado State University in Fort Collins and although he majored in Computer Science, he spent much time in the Department of Atmospheric Science. He participated in several small storm chases with groups at the school and helped launch daily weather balloons from campus.

John attended his first Chasercon in February 2013 and joined the Colorado Storm Network. He is happy to be able to continue his passion with a great group who have the same love for weather as he does. While public safety is always the first priority for Storm Spotters and chasers, John especially enjoys helping folks discover the weather around them, education of severe weather and has a special interest in Colorado's weather processes.

He is looking forward to a great season in 2014!

Jeff's love for severe weather came early in his childhood. Hearing the clap of thunder and seeing the flashes of lightning was exhilarating. He began chasing storms with nothing more than a cell phone and it wasn't until his first out of state chase that he decided to start photographing the storms.

He has now broadened his photography to include landscape and nature scenes but he will always have a special place in his heart for stormscapes.



Lena is a nature and landscape photographer living in Pueblo, CO. Photography was an early passion inspired by her love for nature, extreme weather and the outdoors. She is an avid storm chaser with The Colorado Storm Network and certified spotter for The National Weather Service.

Lena received an Associate of Applied Science Degree in medical assisting and is CPR certified. She hopes this training will be useful when aiding in weather disasters.


Marcelo developed a curiosity for weather as a young child while watching the local weather reports with his grandparentsr. Although he  was initially very afraid of thunder he learned to overcome his fear by counting the seconds between the lightning flashes & the thunder and always looked forward to watching storms from his bedroom window. In the summer of 95’ Marcelo saw his first Landspout near Orlando FL. and a few weeks later he watched the movie “Twister” for the first time, after that his enthusiasm for storm chasing was set in stone!

In October of 2001 Marcelo joined the USAF and was stationed in Colorado Springs where he first began to truly chase storms & in 2004 (upon learning of the Skywarn program) he became a certified Storm Spotter!

Marcelo first started the Northeastern & Southeastern Colorado Storm Chasers (NECSE / SECSE) in 2009 as a social networking group on Facebook but within a few years it evolved into the team now known as the Colorado Storm Network (CSN).


December 1, 2012 | All Hands Meeting